About Fintech-it-Africa

Fintech-it-Africa is Africa’s largest FINTECH Investment Holdings Boutique across the central continent (Africa). Our sole investment focus and mandate is investing in sustainable FinTech businesses across Africa.

We invest in fast-growing Fintech companies that offer client-centric services that:

1)  Have an impact on daily lives, 

2) Offer ease of use, for our customers 

3) Secured transactional activity, 

4) Full transparency to our clients, and 

5) Offer transactional exchange across borders.

All offered seamlessly in the palm of your hand.  

 Growth Areas over next 10 years 

Green Affordable Housing 


Payment and cash Remittances


Digital Wallets 


Digital Lending Products (Loans)


Days lived Insurance products


OUR Focus Sectors

backyard rentals FUNDING

Over 10% of the South Africans live in privately owned rented backyard flats.

This market is growing at 27% YOY. Our team have developed a unique fintech funding project finance model, that funds buildings incrementally and collects repayments through rentals.


AI Credit Scorecards

Our team has created a solution that uses behavioral data and machine learning to credit score micro developers and individuals who are often classified as “thin-file”.

The solution was deployed in the form of an API that clients may include in their codebase in order to start collecting behavioral data.

On-demand builder wallets

Our Fintech app is able to initiative drawdown requests by the borrower to any banks credit team by viewing all bids associated with each borrower’s approved BOQ against the approved loan amount and building plans.

Funds are disbursed into a wallet, that has dual authorization by the funder and client based on completed phases.

Fin-Smart Credit scoring credit bureaus

Our team has developed. A non-traditional credit bureau, that produces a "Human-Footprint" Delphi score based on AI/Big Data generated behavioral patterns versus only traditionally financial history.   

Day lived insurance Products

GROZA FORSURE Cover  is a life insurance product that keeps food on the table after the passing of a breadwinner. • GROZA FORSURE Cover pays a grocery voucher of up to R 2000 per month that is delivered to the mobile phone of the nominated beneficiary for a period of up to 12 months.

Other products

Payment Remissions

Rental Management Software

Digital Wallets

Digi Loans

Our first of its kind 4Ways-Fintech commune (west campus) is based in Fourways, Sandton. The campus sits on a 2000sqm plot house repurposed as a Fntech Incubator and commune. We currently house 5 fintech start-ups that live, work, and play on our beautiful 4Ways Campus. The campus is complete with all the amenities, and runs completely OFF-THE-GRID

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Sibusiso Zitha


Dave Oberlhozer


sabelo sibanda



Fintech-it-Africa invested in my business when it was still an idea. FIA invested $250000 in seed funding.


e-Khaya Property Fin

I joined the commune in Fourways as nothing more than an idea. Today i employ over 20 staff and service over 200 000 clients 


Score Builder 

In classic David and Goliath style, my business has grown from an idea to an established company competing with blue chip companies. 


Student Accommodation